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Honda FR-V

(No longer available as a new car)

A flexible MPV with a six seat layout, three in the front three in the back. The Honda FR-V has unique style not only in its body shape but in its practically.

The FR-V has a low centre of gravity which makes it stick to the road like glue and along with the high performance engines this is an attractive option for the family man who's had to give up his sports car.

It comes with six engine choices, three diesels engines and three petrol engines and as usual we favour the diesels as the have the performance along with the great miles per gallon.

The interior cabin is well layout but can feel a little tight with three adults in the front. It was not test by Euro Ncap with three passengers up front but Honda's recent dedication to safety has been impressive.


The Honda FR-V is kind of weird looking, looks like a SUV cross-bred with a MPV! I have one on loan from my parents as my CRV was crashed into by some racer.

The FRV is a decent drive and pulls well, the interior cabin full of gadgets and is very unique with 3 seats in the front, very american style.

Does very well on fuel considering the performance on speed and acceleration, a great family car if you don't like the 4x4 option.

Charle - 30th Jul 2008 16:33:53
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Honda FR-V
 FR-V Exterior
 FR-V Exterior
 FR-V Exterior
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Miles Per Gallon (combined)
53.3 mpg
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167 g/km
4 Stars
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